The Buildcorp NRC is Australia’s only national Rugby competition. The Buildcorp National Rugby Championships is now entering the third year of competition having been conceived in 2013.

The 2016 competition will have a slightly new look and feel with a new eight-team tournament played over nine consecutive weeks. Seven weeks of round robin before two weeks of finals. 

This year's teams are: Brisbane City, Melbourne Rising, Perth Spirit, Queensland Country, Sydney Rays, UC Vikings and Western Sydney Rams.

Brisbane City has claimed back-to-back titles in the competition, including an undefeated run in 2015.

In the regular rounds of the competition, teams also have the chance to play for the Horan-Little Shield, a challenge trophy that is on offer when the holder comes up against an opponent. The winner keeps the shield, but surrenders it in the event of a loss.

The future of  the NRC has been secured for the next five years, after the announcement of a new ARU broadcast deal in December 2015.


Brisbane City

Queensland Country

Sydney Rays

Greater Sydney Rams

Canberra Vikings

Melbourne Rising

Perth Spirit