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Force boost Premier Grade Round 15

With only four matches till the Premier Grade finals, the Western Force will boost their community teams in this weekend ‘Belt Up’ Round.

The round 15 clashes will see 20 players released to play with their aligned club.

This weeks’ special edition of the Belt-Up Match of the Round will be heading to the epicentre of Western Australian Rugby at McGillivray Oval where UWA will be looking to extend their hand in the Premiership top four against a lethal Wanneroo side.


Starting XV’s





1. Michael D’Adamo 2.  Danny Griffiths,   3.Passi Fine, 4.  Shay Lagan,   5.  Lachlan Valentine, (C)     6.  Michael Hardwick,   7.  Ben Enright,   8. Alex Rovira, 9.  Lachie Phillips,   10.  Rodney Iona,   11. Jackson Gilbey,   12.  Tevita Sifa,   13.  Facundo Aguirre,   14.  Ross Palframan,   15.  Rob Ingram


Coastal Cavaliers – TBC



1. Ivan Fepuleai, 2. Gafa Su’a, 3. Lafaele Ikenasio, 4. Kieran Stringer ©, 5. Zane Herrick, 6. Alec Fontalvo, 7. Cohen Masson, 8. Tobias Hoskins, 9. Tim Parks, 10. Antini Brown, 11. James Blackburn, 12. Netinili ‘Nili’ Fielea, 13. Nick Jooste, 14. Tamba Lebbie, 15. Ben Meredith


Curtin Uni -TBC



1. David Wells, 2. Wade Boat, 3. Issac Cava, 4. Maikali Rabaro 5. Matt De Beer, 6. Tommy Howhard, 7. Adam Munro, 8. Brynard Stander, 9. Keane Hird 10. Liam Harrington, 11. Conor Callan, 12. Sheldon Tarawa 13. Porikapa Tukaki, 14. Fredo Redmond, 15. Nick Wyndham


Kalamunda – TBC



1. Tuki Raimona, 2. Urbain Lawrence, 3. Tom Sheminant, 4. Mike Egan (c), 5. Grayson Knapp, 6. Kaleb Whakataka, 7. Shane Hemi, 8. Tevin Ferris, 9. Nate Roberts, 10. Dylan Loversidge, 11. Al Momoisea 12. Jackson Neilson, 13. Ammon Matuauto (vc), 14 Christoff Cronje, 15. Kauri Cudd


Palmyra – TBC


Perth Bayswater

1.  Harrison Lloyd,   2.  Ben Buist,   3.  Moss Gilmore,   4.  Charlie Read,   5.  Johan Bardoul,   6.  Owen Milburn,   7.  Jacob Buist (C),   8.  Brandon Olow,   9.  Isaak Fines-Leleiwasa,   10.  Keenan Meade,   11.  Isaac Davidson,   12.  Kolia Konelio,   13.  Walker Smith,   14.  Carlos Flutey-Clarke,   15.  Shane Parkinson


Southern Lions – TBC




Wanneroo -TBC


Wests Scarborough

1. Nick McLennan, 2. Dylan Hutchins, 3. Dom Hardman, 4. Liam Clews, 5. Matt O’Brian, 6. Josh Tinomana, 7. Jack Taylor, 8. Issac Meo, 9. Michael Marshall, 10. Jarome Leonard, 11. Cody Coe-Baker, 12. Louie David, 13. Nika Morehu, 14. Darren O’Donovan, 15. Walter Koteka


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