10 for 10 with Sama Malolo

By Erin Bunn

The next generation of Road Safety Western Force players are coming through the Future Force Foundation with nine new members taking the program to an all time high of 13 players for 2017.

One of the new members is 19-year-old hooker, Sama Malolo, we sat down with the young gun for a quick Q&A to learn a bit more about him and get his thoughts on life in the Future Force Foundation.

Name: Sama Malolo
Position: Hooker
Born: 19/02/1998
Height: 183cm
Weight: 112kg
Club: Wests Scarborough

Sama how have you found your experience with the Future Force Foundation so far?

I’ve loved it, it’s been awesome. I’m enjoying how they take care of all their players here. Development-wise it’s been really specific to all our needs like fitness and then specifics for me as a hooker. The individual aspect at training is good.

You moved from Sydney, how are you enjoying Perth?

Perth is awesome. I love it. The lifestyle here is nice and slow; really relaxing; stress-free and it’s been good so far. The beaches here are so much better. So far, I’ve been to Busselton, Rockingham and some of the boys want to go to Dunsborough for the Easter long weekend so that should be good.

What is the best thing you’ve learnt in the program so far?

Probably to be more organised. Just from talking to a lot of the first grade boys they say all the time that five minutes is five minutes late. So the programme has taught me to organise your day and try and turn up as early as possible. It’s still something I’m working on but it’s really important moving forward.

What do you think your biggest strengths are as a player?

I don’t want to brag! But something that I’ve always relied on as a player is my footwork. Especially as a forward, because most forwards are usually pretty slow, so having good footwork is something that I’ve relied on.

Which current international player do you look up to or you model your game on and why?

It’ll probably be obvious but Dane Coles, the All Blacks Hooker. Just because of his agility and speed as a hooker. He just changes the game heaps.

What are your rugby goals for 2017 and ultimate career aspirations?

I want to try my best to get into the Australian U20’s side and hopefully get a shot at playing in NRC as well. Ultimate career aspirations would be to have an international jersey. That would be the pinnacle of everything while playing footy.

Which Western Force player have and can you learn the most from at training or around the club?

Definitely Shambeckler Vui, he’s one of the young guns of the Western Force but that guy has helped me so much. He’s always willing to talk, not just about footy but off the field as well. He’s one who’s provided me with the most advise out of everyone.

How has Steve Anderson’s coaching methods helped you develop since you arrived?

I don’t know if you’ve been in an Ando session but it’s really different to what I’m used to. The way he’s coached us is really unorthodox. He sticks with the basics which, where we’re from, is kind of a prerequisite. We didn’t really develop much of that. But here we really stick to the fundamentals and it shocks you how bad our skills are at this level of rugby. It’s just a real eye opener.

What are your current pursuits outside of rugby?

I want to try get back to university. I was doing a physiotherapy course at the University of Wollongong. But I was thinking about getting a business degree and doing uni over here as well.

What is your favourite thing to do on a day off?

Probably do something really relaxed like go to the beach or just go out for lunch.